01 April 2009

More on Eating

As usual, a leading is an issue we need to pay a lot of attention to. Both the girls have been eating plenty but not necessarily daily.

Shawnee, it seems, was primarily disturbed by teething. Now that her teeth are mostly in, she seems to be eating pretty much every time we feed. Yesterday she got something from DH in the morning she didn't eat but she ate something else for me later in the day. It seems that she was not particularly fond of the fish concoction that he used that meal.

Molly on the other hand is eating much less to still Shawnee. Of course, she also is not growing and with me not feeling very well hasn't been particularly active. With some experimentation, I have found that it seems to help Molly eat if I positioned myself between her and Shawnee. In general Shawnee eats much more quickly than Molly. It seems that having Shawnee approach her while she's eating disturbs Molly and makes her stop eating. If I encourage her to get started and stay with her, she eats her entire meal pretty much every time I feed.

At this point, we are feeding Acana more often than Orijen. We need to get out and get more Orijen, because we only have a little bit left. We also want to watch the financial side of it and therefore selected the Acana. The girl seem to eat both foods very well, although Molly may prefer the Orijen.

When we do get the feed store, we are planning to get a portion of the Acana fish food that we saw recently. We got a few sample packs and both the girls will work very hard to get those as training treats.

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Dina ... UK said...

You like your doughnuts then Bexie...
What sort do you get in Denmark?
Do you have Danish pastries...I love those...yum yum...
Now, I am getting hungry..lol