17 April 2009

Shawnee Is Growing Up

I am quite shocked by how long it has been since I last updated this blog. I know I had started blog entry several times, but I must not have finished them.

I have not been doing a lot of concentrated training with either of the girls. Actually, I've barely been doing any. I am struggling a lot with my health issues and have been dealing with a migraine for about two weeks now. I am also trying to do more housework and other things, which makes me too tired to blog or train.

It's hard to believe how much Shawnee has grown. It seems like only yesterday that she was the little puppy that I picked up in the room in the barn where they were born and had snuggle up and lick my neck. Now she lives here and she's quite a big girl. She still loves to snuggle.

At this point, Shawnee is rarely tethered while in the house. I think it has been weeks since she has had an accident here home. Although DH is quite sure that she will never be as easy to keep clean as Molly. She had some other odds potty incidents, such as peeing in the house at my in-laws while saying hello to my mother-in-law and peeing while walking on their terrace, leaving the semicircular trail behind her. A few days ago she went on our terrace here at home. DH told her to go out in the fence and potty but she went before she got into the fence.

Overall, Shawnee is now very reliable at pottying on command in the fence. We take her out and tell her to potty and she goes out in the end of the area the fence and does her business. She then runs eagerly back for praise. She also seems to be better able to understand the concept of going while out before coming in. She is often out of fence for several hours with Molly when the weather is nice.

She is still very odd when she poos and often walks while going or goes several different places. But at least she goes outside.

Shawnee still thinks that the best game in the world is jumping on furniture. DH has started letting her in the bedroom once in a while, usually while I'm still in bed. She thinks there is nothing better in the world than to jump on the bed. However, she's also learning to settle down and snuggle with me. She usually likes to lie down and have her belly rubbed, usually while covering my face with kisses.

In terms of training and behavior, she is showing an increase in her solidness in basic behaviors. This is despite a lack of actual training. However, she is much better at remembering to sit before talking to people instead of jumping. Her sit and lie down on command a very strong. We haven't been practicing rollover or flop. She is extremely quiet and well behaved in her crate and goes in on command.

Although I'm not training the girls still get plenty of playtime. Shawnee low longer relies 100% on Molly to return to the toys to us. She has not yet learned to give in to is in our hands, but she drops them reliably at our feet. If we do not quickly pick it up and throw it for them, she repeats until we respond.

Molly is definitely much happier with Shawnee's company. This is despite the fact that Shawnee is a toy and bone hoard. Shawnee is so possessive that she often growls at Molly if she approaches. We are working on living this behavior and on encouraging Molly to stand up to Shawnee and put her into place.

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