22 April 2009

Water Girl Molly

I was out of water and thirsty. I heard DH in the kitchen. I took my empty 1.5 liter bottle I use for water and gave it to Molly. I asked her to deliver it to DH. She did so, of course.

Carrying empty bottles is normal for her.

Today DH filled the bottle with water and gave it back to Molly. She carried the heavy and full bottle in her mouth from the kitchen to me in the living room. She carried it at the top around the lid area.

This is the first time Molly has delivered anything that heavy or awkward. GOOD GIRL!

I had treats in my pockets that I gave her several of along with lots of praise. Shawnee also got a treat for not having interfered with Molly's work.


Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

Good job Molly!

You and Becca have been tagged on my blog. Stop by and check it out.

Love and licks from your admirer,
Louie the Newf

spider said...

Good girl, Molly! Soon there will not be anything you cannot do.

Emma Rose said...

Molly is a really smart girl!