13 May 2009

Braving the North Sea

We've been very busy for a few weeks with friends that came to visit in the end of April, some other arrangements, and the time needed for me to recooperate from all the activity. That's why I'm so slow getting things online. Right now I am also busy filming Molly for a Virtual Levels Competition, but you'll see the results of that once I am finished (have to be done by the 16th).

For now, here are some pics of the girls from when we went to a beach along the North Sea with friends. (Our usual beach is on the Kattegat).


Eedra at Barking Mad said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos....why is one doggie on a lead in the sea?

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Both girls are on long leashes. We have leash laws that forbid dogs from running loose at this time of year. We respect that.

This is the first time the girls have gotten that wet. They haven't gone out into the water at all before.

Dina ... UK said...

I love to see pups on the beach,
Shawnee has grown so fast it's hard to tell them apart.
Lovely photos...:-)

p.s. My sampler was a kit, they are still popular in that form.
It was a copy of one done from the 17th or 18th century...