14 May 2009

Silly Shawnee

ShawShaw still hasn't figured out giving a toy TO a person when she wants to play. She puts it on the floor. Even if Molly puts it on furniture, Shawnee takes it and throws it on the floor. She doesn't just drop it, but throws it down forcefully.

I've done the "I can't reach" trick that worked so well with Molly but to no avail. I've even put Molly into a stay to try to get Shawnee to try again.

But what Shawnee has figured out is to put one paw on the sofa and the other on my SHOULDER to get my attention to the fact that she wants to play! She also has nudged me with her nose sometimes.

These could turn into great alerts if I needed one. She may be too stupid to deliver a toy, but she's definitely creative!

She just pawed my shoulder again...

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