19 May 2009

Comfortable Clean-Up Tools

When we only had one dog, clean-up wasn't such a big deal. Initially I could walk so we just took Molly different places and rotated until things broke down. Then when I started being unable to walk Molly was well trained that I could send her up to potty without being on leash. She would go in the woods where no one walks and had plenty of room to vary where she went.

Now that both the girls are using the fence, we have a problem. Clean-up is something that we really have to do regularly. The problem was that DH doesn't have the time to do it and trying to manage with a regular shovel was just far too uncomfortable for me.

I kept seeing kids tools in the ads and that got me thinking. Finally saw some on a really good sale and decided to give it a shot. I selected wooden handled metal tools. A shovel and rake. We got home with him, DH used wood finish on the handles to help prolong their life.

Once that was dry, I started using them. This is probably one of the best investments in things for the dogs that we've made yet. The tools are so light that I can comfortably handle one in each hand. I can even use one hand to throw the contents of the shovel. The handles are just long enough that I don't have to bend over. If they were longer, weight might start be an issue.

So finally I am able to clean up after the girls myself. I just spend a few minutes every few days going through the fence. Because offenses right up against a section of woods and a large dirt pile that has blackberries growing on it, I can just throw what I pick up one of those places to allow to break down naturally.

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